Exceptional Therapists deserve exceptional treatment!!! With over 22 years experience working with Speech Pathologists, Physical and Occupational Therapists, our services are tailored to the needs of each therapist. Our promise to you: “Treat You the Way We Would Like to be Treated”. We are committed to achieving a standard of excellence that sets us apart from the other contracting companies. Ever notice how you have to drag/pull the rate per hour from some contract companies—not to mention the benefits and how those benefits affect your rate per hour. WELL, not from us (see some of our rates right here on the opening page!!). Therapists often ask “HOW/WHY do you pay so much more than other Contracting Companies”.

Our answer: “1. We are NOT Greedy. 2. We keep our overhead low (advertising, etc.) and pass the $$$ to you. We also want you to understand (it’s your hard earned $$$) the numbers/math of your rate per hour and benefits. We encourage you to call so that we can break down the rates per hour and benefit costs to you and how to talk to contract companies about your rate per hour and benefits. You will be able to say “Well, now I really don’t need the extra 5 paid days off, so you should only deduct $1.26 per hour from my hourly rate”.

Houston & Seattle Rates Per Hour:

$55.00 Per Hour on a 1099 ($82,280. Yearly)

$50.00 Per Hour Regular Payroll ($74,800. Yearly)

(CFs $42.-$45.00 Per Hour) ($62,832. - $67,320.Yearly)


Other Rates Around the US vary by State, District and Area:


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